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Jennifer Ransaw Smith is a nationally sought-after Personal Elevation strategist, leadership development mentor and Personal branding consultant. As the founding CEO of Brand id|Strategic Partners, the nation’s only full-service personal elevation agency, she works with entrepreneurs and executives from coast-to-coast to help them leverage their expertise to become game changers within their industry—and corporate teams to help them. 

After more than a decade of helping some of the nation’s most prominent brands like Burger King, AT&T, Texaco, Clairol and Coke position and differentiate themselves in the marketplace, Jennifer recognized the urgent need for an agency that positioned people the way that marketing and advertising agencies positioned products and services (with a dedicated team enthusiastically motived and focused on the elevation of that specific brand). It resulted in the birth of Brand id|Strategic Partners, one of the first full-service personal branding agencies in the nation to transform experts into brand assets.

Called a True Visionary by her clients, Jennifer is on a mission to empower her clients and audiences by providing them with effective strategies that can be implemented immediately to make significant changes in how they are currently being perceived. Her goal is to teach people to become the Chief Marketing Officer of the Brand Called You, Inc. She divides her time between speaking, training, and coaching clients at Microsoft, Deloitte and Duke Energy on how to become the person to know in their industry and working with individual clients who are ready to perform on the next level.

Her tips, tools and strategies have appeared in a myriad of places including ABCThe Washington Post and The Baltimore Sun.

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Thursday, November 3

3:00pm EDT