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I’ve always found bios to be interesting. I mean, I’m supposed to make you fall in love with a story that took me 27 years to build by condensing it
to less than eight sentences. As you can see, I’ve already used up two so let me cut to the chase.

Hi, I’m Angela Walker and I give business and leader- ship tips from the perspective of a salon owner.
I’ve always been a lover of hair since I was a little girl playing with dolls. Literally, I used to choose my dolls solely based off of their hair. Upon entering my junior year at the University of Maryland, I realized my love for hair never left and as a result I did what all the greats do, I followed my passion... well kind of. I probably should’ve
dropped out, but instead I listened to my parents, stayed in school and started working at a natural hair salon. I walked across the stage in 2010, holding my degree while nine months pregnant. After staying at home for three months as a new mom, I then worked unrelenting hours at a natural hair salon to save up $30,000 to open N Natural Hair Studio - not to mention, while nursing my newborn son. In less than four years I’ve grown my business into four entities: a salon, a school, an annual consumer show and an annual professional convention. So there it is, I’ve done my best to pro- vide a snapshot of the moments that brought me to where I am today in 12 sentences.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, November 3

1:45pm EDT